Friday, October 23, 2009

The All Time 10 Best!

This blog will be dedicated to the best ladies to every appear in Playboy magazine. The idea for this project really got it's roots, during my vacation in the Pacific Northwest. This trip took place during early June of this year.

I was visiting the town of Seaside, Oregon. I went into look around in a local thrift store. You never know what you may find in a thrift store. Well to my surprise. They had a copy of the complete Playboy Centerfold book for sale. Only $25 was the cost to purchase this book. On an impulse! I decided to take all of the lovely ladies of playboy home with me.

Then I decided I would would attempt become a judge of beauty, and try and pick the 10 most lovely ladies to ever grace the pages of Playboy Magazine. It hasn't been an easy task. But the research involved to accomplish this project. Has been very enjoyable, I must say.

So for all people who admire and love beautiful woman. I present to you. My all time favorite 10 ladies of Playboy Magazine. They have been presented in chronological order.

This blog is made for entertainment purposes only. It represents my opinions, only. I do not intend to profit in anyway by the making of this blog. I am hoping that the the ladies that are presented on this blog. Also there family members. Will enjoy that they are represented on this blog. There representation on this blog is to honor there past success, and to cherish there memory. As important contributors to the success of Playboy Magazine.

Here is the link of YouTube for; Gene McDaniels - A Hundred Pounds of Clay / Come On Take a Chance. This is a perfect them song for this blog.


  1. Donny this is easy.....I will only Pick the top three. Jo Collins, Pam Anderson (What ever happened to her now!!!) and Kimberly Conrad.

  2. Everybody has there favorites, Harold. They are all lovely ladies. Yes sadly Pam Anderson has chosen a poor life style. Donny